Lifestyle Changes That Can Help With Arthritis 2021

Arthritis is a problem for many people. It can be debilitating, causing pain and leading to depression. Children as young as five years old have been diagnosed with the condition. Thankfully, Dr. Dhruv Vyas and Dr. Ashish Shah of Eden Internal Medicine in Eden, NC, have decades of experience treating this painful condition. They are well-known doctors for arthritis treatment in Eden, NC.

How Arthritis Affects a Person

Arthritis affects the joints in the body, and it does not discriminate into which ones it picks. It can develop in fingers, toes, knees, hips, or other joints. Some arthritic conditions cause stiffness in the morning that eases throughout the day, and others are just the opposite. Sometimes the condition only flares up when cold weather comes in or after more exercise was had than usual. At Eden Internal Medicine in Eden, NC, we see many different types of arthritis and know how to treat it. 

Ways You Can Manage Arthritis on Your Own

While we're always happy to help you with this, we also know that many people want to try resolving this independently before they seek arthritis treatment in Eden, NC. If you have arthritis, there are ways that you can try to manage it on your own.

  • Try to keep your joints as mobile as possible - try different stretching exercises or walk a lot.
  • Take off the weight you're carrying around if you're overweight. Losing weight helps reduce the pressure on your joints and makes them less stiff.
  • Try not to smoke cigarettes. Smoking causes inflammation of the joints and makes inflammation worse in people with arthritis. Quitting may not be easy, but it will help reduce joint stiffness and pain.

Lifestyle Changes You Can Make

Avoid drinking and consuming foods that cause inflammation, like alcohol, fast foods, or excessive amounts of caffeine. Include more massages, hot baths, and showers into your life, or take up swimming as a low-impact exercise. It seems counterintuitive to move more when it hurts, but in this case, your joints need to add gradual and progressive movement and reduce inflammation to help them feel better.

As an extreme alternative, try relocating to a different part of the country where little to no weather triggers your flare-ups. For some people, that means moving to a cooler area of the country. For others, that means relocating to a typically warmer environment.

If you're seeking arthritis treatment in Eden, NC, then look no further than the experienced Dr. Vyas and Dr. Shah of Eden Internal Medicine in Eden, NC. Call their office at 336-627-4896 today for an appointment!

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