Allergy Treatment/Testing Options

Secure allergy treatment/testing courtesy of Dr. Dhruv Vyas and Dr. Ashish Shah of Eden Internal Medicine in Eden, NC.

How Do Doctors Test for Allergies?

Symptoms of allergic reactions such as frequent sneezing, rashes, and diarrhea can be difficult to deal with. If you have a severe allergic reaction to something, you may suffer from anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis can prove to be a fatal symptom of an allergic reaction if it is not dealt with promptly and properly.

You need to stay on top of your allergies and your doctor can help with that.

Doctors can utilize different tests to figure out if you are allergic to certain substances.

First off, they can perform skin tests. During a skin test, your doctor will expose a patch of your skin to an allergen to see how it reacts. They will then gauge the reaction to see if you are indeed allergic to that substance.

Skin tests are not suitable for everyone. If you are not an ideal candidate for that type of test, your doctor may opt for a blood exam instead. Blood tests are suitable for more people, but they take longer to yield results.

Your doctor can also determine if you are allergic to something by asking you to change your diet. They may temporarily ask you to stop eating certain foods to check if doing so will have any impact on your condition. If your symptoms subside, then those foods may indeed be inducing your allergic reactions.

Get allergy treatment/testing in Eden, NC courtesy of Dr. Vyas and Dr. Shah of Eden Internal Medicine.

How Are Allergies Treated?

What are your treatment options if you have certain allergies? Avoiding allergens will help, but some substances are easier to avoid than others.

If you are allergic to something that’s abundant in the environment, your doctor may prescribe you some medication. While taking the medication, you may be able to lessen the impact that those pesky allergens have on your body.

Medication can be an effective solution, but it’s also a temporary fix. The best way to deal with allergies long-term is to undergo immunotherapy.

Through immunotherapy, your doctor can gradually change the way your body reacts to specific allergens. Immunotherapy can slowly lessen the impact that allergens have on your body so you can endure them better.

Undergoing immunotherapy will allow you to live without fear of certain substances in the environment. It delivers great results for adults and children so check it out if someone in your family is plagued by allergies.

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