Balance/Dizziness Assessment Test

Balance/Dizziness Assessment Test (ENG/VAT)

Important Facts

  • Inner ear disorders are the leading cause of dizziness and falls
  • 33% of all seniors will fall this year
  • Over 69 million men and women in the US suffer from vestibular dysfunction (inner ear disorders)
  • Effective treatments exist for vestibular disorders when correctly diagnosed

Purpose of an ENG/VAT

Vestibular testing (ENG/VAT) enables your doctor to determine if balance issues or dizziness is coming from the inner ear, the eyes or the brain. Once they have determined the source, they are able to make specific treatment recommendations. Your doctor may recommend this test if you are suffering from any of the following symptoms: 

  • dizziness
  • vertigo (sense that the room is spinning)
  • feeling off balance
  • fallen in the last year

What to Expect on Testing Day

The ENG test will take about 12-15 minutes. During the first part of the test, you will follow a green light on the wall with your eyes while keeping your head still (electrodes will monitor eye movement). During the second part of the test, you will keep your eyes fixed on a green sticker on the wall while you move your head half of an inch from side to side for a few seconds and then up and down half of an inch for a few seconds.

Your ENG/VAT test results will be discussed during your next visit.

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